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Four methods for overhauling portable displays

2019-01-11 19:13:49 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiaobian today to teach you: four methods of portable display maintenance! Everyone knows that when there is always a problem with electronic products, today I will analyze how to overhaul the portable display:

One of the portable display repair methods: observation method

As the name suggests, it is to visually check whether the components are burnt, damaged, deformed, discolored, broken, and the tube light is not bright after the current is turned on. These problems are often the fault. Or closely related to the fault, find these problems, you can quickly determine the problem, thus repairing the portable display.

Maintenance Method 2: Knocking Method

This is also one of the most effective ways to access a portable display, especially for malfunctions caused by poor contact。 The method is as follows: when the insulator is energized or not, the parts that may be problematic are tapped and pressed, and the faults such as the false soldering and the poor contact can be easily found。

Three repair methods: replacement method

The replacement method is a practical and quick maintenance method. When you are not sure which component to use, you can replace it and replace it with a good component. If the fault is eliminated, it will prove that the original component has a problem. This is especially true for components that are inconvenient to measure.

Service Method 4: Current Measurement Method

Measuring current is one of the basic methods of repairing a portable display。 It is mainly used to measure the load current and operating current of transistors and integrated circuit blocks to detect the integrity of integrated circuits, transistors and their power supplies。 As long as the measured load current of the transistor or integrated circuit is normal, it can be concluded that the operating state of the circuit is substantially normal。 On the other hand, if the current varies greatly from the normal value, it means that there is a problem with the circuit, and it is possible to prescribe the right medicine and carry out key inspections。

Portable display repair method

The four methods of Portable Display Overhaul, I believe that I have read a lot of this article, but now there are many products. There are after-sales service, if you have problems with our products, you can contact us directly for replacement or repair, we have been a professional portable display professional manufacturer!

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