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What is the difference between the refresh rate hz of the monitor screen and the number of frames fps?

2019-01-11 15:51:44 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.
  Regarding the game frame number FPS value and the screen refresh rate, it is believed that the e-sports players are more concerned about the topic. If we need to understand the difference between the refresh rate and the number of frames, then we need to know what they mean! The following small series gives you a popular science.

  Frame number FPS

  Generally speaking, we say that the speed of picture refresh in one second, 60fps is 60 pictures in one second, and the number of frames is decisive is the graphics card in the computer, the stronger the performance of the card, the higher the number of frames. Then the picture will be smoother.

  Refresh rate

  Generally appear on the display / screen, such as my high refresh rate display, 144Hz, meaning that the physical refresh rate of the display is 144 times per second, which requires the display panel, driver computer support, and these data From the output of the graphics card.

  In this case, we have a problem. If the graphics card output is only 30fps, but the display has a 60Hz refresh rate, what happens? That is, the picture is slightly stuck, because the display is fixed for 60 frames per second, but only 30 frames are available, and the same picture will be reused.

  Then, in turn, my graphics card can output 120fps, and the display is still 60Hz. What about it? The display is still fixed for one second to display 60 images, and the multi-output 60fps will be discarded, which is the invalid number of frames, wasted!

  Therefore, NVIDIA's G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync technologies can synchronize the display with the number of output frames of the graphics card. So you can take one shot, you take two shots, and the video output 120fps is used. The display refresh rate is above 120Hz, so the game screen is smoother and smoother.

  Therefore, the difference between them is obvious. The number of FPS frames is determined by the graphics card. The refresh rate is determined by the display, but the physical display constrains the performance/upper limit of the number of frames. The refresh rate determines the number of valid certificates.

  In other words, if you want the game to play at 144Hz, the player must choose a 144Hz display, then the graphics card can not be bad, the graphics card is too bad, then only play at 60Hz.

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