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What is the reason for LCD light leakage? Method for detecting light leakage of liquid crystal display screen

2019-01-11 15:46:47 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.
  Liquid crystal display leakage is one of the common problems. Light leakage is that the liquid crystal screen does not closely match the frame, so that the light of the lamp is directly transmitted. However, the light leakage is unavoidable by the display, but the difference between the light leakage is serious and not serious. Generally, the low end The light leakage of the display will be more obvious, and the leakage of the better display is not too obvious. So what is the reason for the display leakage? Let's share the detection method of LCD light leakage. Let's take a look!

  What is the reason for LCD light leakage?

  Liquid crystal display leakage generally occurs on the LCD panel. If the panel quality is not good or there is a problem during transportation, serious screen light leakage will occur. For some manufacturers with better brands, the leaky panels will be strictly inspected and prohibited from leaving the factory. Most of the common LCD light leakage is caused by the frame pressing on the screen during assembly. Usually, there will be halo around or in a corner, but it is not easy to detect when it is used normally. It is only in a black environment. The display detection picture is only visible.

Light leakage around the display

  Monitor light leakage metric

  Liquid crystal display screens have more or less light leakage problems, and light leakage will not affect the display's response time, brightness, life and other technical parameters. If the display screen leakage does not exceed a certain range, it is not a quality problem. So what is the measure of monitor leakage?

  LCD screen in the case of a full black screen light leakage must reach ≤ 4cd / m2 standard, if you buy a monitor has a serious display light leakage problem, the business does not solve, you can find the relevant departments to do technical appraisal.

  Method for detecting light leakage of liquid crystal display screen

1. Take the Win7 system as an example. After we enter the Win7 system desktop, we will adjust the desktop background to full black. First, we right click on the blank space of the desktop and select “Personalization”, as shown below:

2. In the Personalization panel, click on “Desktop Background” as shown below:

3. In the window of the desktop background, we drop down the image position and click on “Solid Color” as shown below:

4. After clicking on the black background, we click on the "Save Changes" button as shown below:

5. go to the blank space on the desktop, right click on the "Show desktop icon", remove the check box, as shown below.

6. the completion of the above operation is to make the screen all black, we look at the display screen through the various directions of the display screen to see if there is a serious problem of white light leakage.

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